Repairmen education program also in Jászfényszaru!

27 February, 2018
According to the plans of CECED Hungary, Jászfényszaru may also host household appliance repairmen education programs in the near future. 

Budapest can be the first training location!

6 February, 2018
The repairmen education working group of CECED Hungary visited the School for Mechatronic Technicians on 6 February. This school can provide the first location and technicians' room for the recently developed household appliance repairmen education program.

Material flows of the house appliance industry

5 February, 2018
"We, the home appliance industry in Europe, believe that what goes around should come around and also know that every fruitful discussion should be based on facts. For this reason, together with the Sustainable Cycles specialised programme of the United Nations University (UNU-VIE SCYCLE), we would like to provide you with an overview of the circularity of the materials flows of one of Europe’s most established sectors, making this report a valuable tool for all those interested in the home appliance industry."  - says Paolo Falcioni, the director general of CECED. He also highlights that "The full circularity of the economy goes beyond what economic actors alone can do: it embraces all our society and is a societal challenge."

CECED Hungary moved to a new office

5 January, 2018
CECED Hungary has recently moved to a new office. The new address is the D18 caffé&bar, and offices at H-1066 Budapest, Dessewffy u. 18-20.

Introduction of the repairmen education program in Brussels

24 October, 2017
The National Association Committee of CECED held its upcoming meeting in Brussels on 24 October, 2017. Fanni Mészáros, company manager of CECED Hungary introduced the recently launched household appliance repairmen education program to the colleagues. In her presentation she emphasized that the lack of repairmen in Hungary had become a fastly growing problem, and the members of CECED Hungary were fully committed to invest into the new education program and to develop a carrier model in order to tackle the challenges.