CECED Magyarország Egyesülés

Who are we?

Welcome to the CECED Hungary Society website!

Our history

CECED (Conseil Européen de la Construction d’Appareils Ménagèrs), the European Council of Household Equipment Manufacturers, was founded in 1958 and is located in Brussels.

CECED Hungary Domestic Equipment Producing and Distributing Interest Grouping and Representing Society was established as a Hungarian member organization on September 21, 2004 by eleven companies producing and selling household equipment.

Founding members:

BSH Kft (distributor of Bosch, Siemens and Ufeasa household equipment), DOMETIC Rt, Electrolux Lehel Hűtőgépgyár Kft, Fagor Hungária Kft, Gorenje Budapest Kft, Groupe SEB Central Europe Kft (the distributor of Tefal, Moulinex, Rowenta and Krups branded products), HTM Nemzetközi Kereskedelmi Kft (the distrubutor of Liebherr and Solac branded products), Indesit Company Magyarország Háztartástechnikai Kft, Miele Kft, Philips Magyarország Kft and Whirlpool Magyarország Kft. Candy Hoover Hungary Kft joined the Society in early 2005, and Beko Hungary, which is the Hungarian trade agency of Arcelik, a Turkish company, became a member in the second half of 2005.

Our mission

Like CECED Europe, the Society operates as a non-profit organization, which means that its sphere of activity as stated in its memorandum of association is the representation of professional interests. It does not pursue any secondary business activity. CECED Hungary is committed to playing an active role in and supporting the supply of information to consumers.


The Society covers its operating costs from membership fees which are determined on a yearly basis by its supreme body, the board of directors comprising all members. Membership fees are paid and votes cast in proportion to the turnover of the members.

According to the memorandum of association, the position of the director is held by each members for one year on a rotational basis.

At the time of its foundation, András Rohrböck, domestic sales director of Electrolux Lehel Kft, was elected as the first director of the Society.

Since the second half of 2006, the position of the director has been held by Gellért Bolváry, the managing director of Indesit Company Magyarország Kft, another member company.

Since January 1, 2005, Dr Fanni Mészáros, company manager, has been responsible for operative management.

What have we done thus far?

E-waste collection

The primary tasks for 2005 included the launching of a system set up on the basis of the legal regulations concerning the collection of e-waste, and the solution of related technical problems. ELECTRO-COORD Magyarország Kht, set up by the members of CECED Hungary, has successfully solved collection and recycling tasks and, by expanding its sphere of activity far beyond the household equipment sector, has now become a market leader in this area. Naturally, the tasks of CECED Hungary include, and will include, the solution of theoretical and practical problems related to the introduction of the waste management fee, further, lobbying in the area of law amendments and the Hungarian implementation of EU guidelines.

Consumer protection

CECED Hungary established relations with regulatory authorities and dealers either to deal with specific issues or simply to introduce itself; in addition to this, another major task for 2005 was the establishment of relationships with consumers, consumer protection bodies and the National Consumer Protection Board.

International cooperation

As CECED Hungary is a member of the international CECED organization, another important aim, in addition to developing relations in Hungary, was to involve itself in international processes. The Society’s approach was characterized by active involvement and initiative throughout the year. The Hungarian member organization quickly became involved in current topics and on several occasions, by raising specific issues and ideas, drew the admiration of its international colleagues. At the same time, it is important to note that the CECED team in Brussels stands ready at all times to provide support to national member organizations, including CECED Hungary Society; this cooperation makes a large contribution to the success of the Society’s work both in Hungary and internationally.

The active efforts and recognition of CECED Hungary are clearly illustrated by the fact that in 2006, upon the invitation of CECED Hungary Society, CECED’s annual summer conference and general meeting were held in Budapest, and were attended by this sector’s highest-level representatives. This noteworthy event was a good opportunity for the Society to introduce itself “in person” and pronounce that Hungary is a CECED member state where both Hungarian and international tasks are taken seriously and efforts are being made to solve them to high standards in a proactive manner.

"Time to go!" - Spinning Grumbler National Energy Efficiency Program

The energy efficiency campaign implemented within the framework of this program in 2006 was intended to encourage consumers to replace their old energy-wasting large household equipment with energy-efficient and environmentally safe devices as soon as possible. The foundations of this campaign had been laid by the international CECED organization, but the member organizations and national associations were responsible for implementation and the elaboration of specific ideas. All CECED member states are actively involved in the development of this campaign in which CECED Hungary plays a leading role, being the first CECED member organization in Europe to have launched a Spinning Grumbler campaign in the interest of furthering energy efficiency and thereby support this worthwile project.